Creative Writing

"When the Rubber Meets the Road in Human-Centered Design" published on The Whiteboard, the Stanford blog (2016) 

"What Happens When Nothing Happens" —a non-fiction essay written during my Levinthal Tutorial at Stanford University (2016)



In 2016 I worked as the media designer for Project Wayfinder, a team providing purpose-provoking experiences for high school students across the country. This intro video, the first one I made for Project Wayfinder, is featured on the homepage


Visual Arts


the body eccentric - a photography exhibit

Inspired by walt whitman's poem "I Sing the Body Electric", "the body eccentric" is a ten-print photography exhibit that challenges our preconceptions about beauty and what we consider to the "perfect" human form. The collection was chosen by the Art & Art History Department at Stanford University to be a student showcase exhibit in Fall 2014. 

35mm black and white film photography, silver based prints. Developed and printed by hand. 



"Rainfly" is an original song I created with my good friend and fellow Stanford student Mark O'Meara. I wrote the lyrics over his melody, both of us ultimately aiming for a Simon & Garfunkel-esque ballad that explores a retelling of the relationship between Dorothy and the Tin Man.

Sound recording and editing by Joel Chapman.