Hi! I'm Laine. 

Usually my next sentence is "I'm from Chicago", but really I'm from Wheaton, Illinois, a small suburb straight west of the city. Chicago, though, is a quick answer to an perfunctory question that allows everyone to get on without understanding where (and what) exactly is Wheaton, Illinois. 

However, after studying Product Design and Creative Writing at Stanford, I’ve learned that the way that we use language—asking and answering questions, discussing issues, even saying hello—is one of the most important and telling markers of our inner lives. Sometimes, we don’t even recognize the magnitude to which it can reflect what is really happening to us. 

So why is it that I say Chicago? Perhaps I want to associate myself with the hustle and charm of the Windy City. Perhaps I just want to continue to the conversation, so I can learn how others wield words. 

I am fascinated by the use of language as a reflection of how we filter our experiences. As a designer and strategist, I aim to use these insights to uncover unmet, honest needs. As a creative writer, I’m just looking to steal elements for my stories—the strange, the sad, the intriguing and beautiful—from unwary bystanders.

I’m Laine, I’m from Wheaton, Illinois, and I’m desperately interested in getting to the bottom of our word choices, habits, biases, assumptions and placeholders so that I can design solutions and write stories that promote inclusivity of our most authentic selves. 

I'd love to hear your story--please email me at!


Skill Print

My skill print is designed to give you a big picture look at my skills, interests, and experiences. Unlike my resume, which doesn't give an immediate sense of how my different strengths interact, it's intended to link my seemingly opposite skills and show how they inspire each other and my work.